Lifting Eyenuts to Din 582

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Product Code SWL (tonnes) D D1 D2 D3 E H K Weight (kgs/each)
DINEN24  1.8 M24 50mm 90mm 50mm 20mm 20mm 45mm 0.72
DINEN30  3.6 M30 65mm 108mm 60mm 25mm 24mm 55mm 1.32
DINEN08  0.14 M8 20mm 36mm 20mm 8.5mm 8mm 18mm 0.05
DINEN06  0.07 M6 20mm 36mm 20mm 8.5mm 8mm 18mm 0.05
DINEN10  0.23 M10 25mm 45mm 25mm 10mm 10mm 22mm 0.09
DINEN12  0.34 M12 30mm 54mm 30mm 11mm 12mm 26mm 0.16
DINEN16 0.7 M16 35mm 63mm 35mm 13mm 14mm 30mm 0.3
DINEN20  1.2 M20 40mm 72mm 40mm 16mm 16mm 35mm 0.36
DINEN36 5.1 M36 75mm 126mm 70mm 26mm 28mm 64mm 2.08
DINEN42  7 M42 85mm 144mm 80mm 30mm 32mm 73mm 3.11
DINEN48  8.6 M48 100mm 166mm 90mm 35mm 38mm 84mm 5.02