The Assembly Process

All wires in the assembly process are assembled with the aid of jigs, so the fitting of ferrules, thimbles, soft eyes, end stops, etc always remain in the correct position before pressing. This shows in the high accuracy rate of our assemblies in small or large batch orders.

The Pressing, Swaging Process

There is a whole range of fittings available which can be pressed onto the rope, the most common being ferrules secured terminations, these can be aluminium, copper or stainless steel. High grade aluminium alloy ferrules are used with galvanised ropes and copper alloy ferrules are used with stainless steel. The ferrules are non-corrosive special alloy with tremendous strength quality’s. Ferrules are passed over two parts of the rope to be joined and then pressed under high pressure in dies, the metal then flows into the spaces between the individual wires of the rope. The dies shape the ferrule to the correct diameter and length, these are then randomly checked for dimensional correctness.

Cleaning Process

All finished assemblies are then cleaned of all flashing and burrs produced by the pressing / swaging process, this is so the ferrule has an even and smooth surface finish. Before dispatch.

Cutting Process

Mainco make sure all ends are cut neat and clean, with no burrs or deformed wires. The wire lengths are cut with consistent accuracy, which proves time saving in the assembly process ensuring the finished item is well within tolerance.


Measuring Rope Diameter
The Correct and Incorrect way